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Optional judging is available in some quilt categories. Quilt entries accepted through September 1, 2017.

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Quilts will be stacked on a bed. As each quilt is turned down a narration will be read including a description and story of the quilt. Antique and Vintage quilts can be included in this category.
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Please provide interesting information about your quilt. You might include such things as, what inspired you to make it, some history of the quilt, if it was for someone special, how to felt making it or anything else you want people to know about your quilt. Try to evoke an emotion in your description. What you write will appear on the hang tag at the show and in the booklet. (50 words or less) Your description may be edited for clarity and space.  

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  Thank you for entering your quilt. Photograph your quilt for insurance purposes before submitting.

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